Ultimate Character Tournament Wiki is a big tournament with characters of all universes come together to battle it out in a set of tourneys.

Every decision is finalEdit

Every decision you make is final. If you nominate a character and that character in the tournament is someone other than the character you meant, don't change it. You can nominate the character you meant the next tourney, but be more specific. If you don't like a character, you can vote against him or her in a match. You can't change votes in matches or vote twice. After you nominate a character, you can't nominate another character until the next tourney.

Signing upEdit

The Registration page is where you sign up and nominate a character. You can only sign up 1 character per tourney. If you nominate two characters, the second will be deleted. You can't put a previously nominated character even in different tourneys because the tourney champions will eventually fight eachother and the same guy can't fight himself. After 16 characters get nominated, the registration sheet will be closed and Round 1 of the tourney will open.


Matches open on Monday and close on Friday. Voters vote once per match and can use the Wikia messages as a Battle Observatory. The character with the most votes by Friday will be the winner. The winner will move on to the next round and the loser will be put on a lower bracket. To vote, put in the # symbol, type your reason, and sign with ~~~~

No sockpuppetsEdit

If anyone gets caught sockpuppeting, he/she and all sockpuppets will be banned, all his/her and sockpuppets' votes and nominations will be deleted and if the results of a match gets changed due to sockpuppets, there will be Emergency Revoting on all affected matches. In the case of nominations, there will also be Emergency Substitutions, which replaces a character nominated by a sockpuppet with a new character nominated by another person on the wiki who hasn't nominated anyone in that tourney, and there will be emergency revotes for all matches involving the disqualified character. All matches retconned by Emergency Revotes will go under Special Matches. Emergency Revotes will mess up this tournament, so DON'T SOCKPUPPET!